Member-Owned, Member-Governed Organization of Employers

A proven risk model for controlling and driving down the cost of employee benefits.

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About Carolina Benefits Partners

Carolina Benefits Partners, LLC (referred to as CBP) is a member-owned, member-governed organization of employers. Collectively, CBP members purchase employee benefits and participate in highly effective risk and cost management programs. Each of the CBP member organizations is qualified and accepted by their peers.

About Our Program
Our Goal & Vision

To control and drive down the cost of employee benefits year after year.

We are proud to state that this program is “bending the cost curve” and that it is exceeding those expectations.

CBP Benefits

We have proven to “bend the curve” on the cost trends and have positioned each of the CBP members to achieve and maintain control over corporate expenses related to employee benefits.

This a highly effective program for driving down the cost of medical benefits.

Members also benefit from group leveraged dental, vision, life & disability, employee assistance and even structured wellness programs.

Benefits management tools are also an integral part of this program, including leading-edge online eligibility management and data analytics software.

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