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About Our Program

Carolina Benefits Partners is a member-owned, member-governed organization of employers.

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We are your trusted employee benefits group purchasing organization.

Collectively, CBP members purchase employee benefits and participate in highly effective risk and cost management programs. Each of the CBP member organizations is qualified and accepted by their peers.

Carolina Benefits Partners is a unique GPO dedicated and driving results for its members in the Carolinas. CBP’s specific and limited purpose is to leverage the collective purchasing power of its members for the procurement and strategic control of their own employee benefit plans and integrated vendor solutions. We have leveraged the buying power of the membership to secure contracts for administrative services, stop loss pricing/provisions, pharmacy benefits management, clinical service providers, and other ancillary benefit program solutions. In CBP, each member company is considered a Single Plan Sponsor in all respects, but together they harness the Power of One.

What is the CBP Program?

Carolina Benefits Partners was created for the purpose of driving down the escalating cost of providing employee benefits and offers its member companies total control, flexibility, with tools designed to meet their human capital needs. This is a powerful and proven program that also provides members with opportunities to participate and benefit from the sharing of best practices with several of Carolina’s best and strongest companies. The member organizations of CBP are a growing list of “who’s who” in the business community, and each board member will gladly share how their organization has benefited from the CBP program. The shared vision and goal of the CBP members is clear: control and drive down the cost of employee benefits, year after year!

CBP is a member-owned, member-governed organization of employers. Collectively, CBP and its sister organization Keystone Benefits Partners (focused on growth in the mid-Atlantic states), purchase employee benefits and participate in highly effective risk and cost management programs. Each of the CBP member organizations is qualified and accepted by their peers.

Today, the growing pool of members represents:

  • Over 120 operating companies.
  • Over $180 million in controlled plan expenses.
  • In excess of $40 million of independently priced highly structured layered risk reinsurance.
  • Over 22,000 insured participant lives.

Carolina’s membership has grown quickly. At its official launch, CBP already consisted of ten member companies. Its founding members are growing CBP by qualified prospective member engagement in quarterly educational meetings. It is a simple approach to measured and controlled growth with the very best business peers in the Carolinas.

What Makes CBP So Different?

CBP is one of the most highly evolved and controlled risk structures in the industry today. What an employer pays for benefits today is primarily driven by the insurance market, leaving those in the standard insurance market to control costs through shifting benefits. CBP changes this market dynamic. As an extension of its sister organization that is now in its 12th consecutive year of controlled success, CBP’s member companies have truly gained and maintained control over their benefit costs. With cost trends far below market, benefits management is left to human resource professionals to structure and build strategic benefit plans that work best for their diverse workforces. As autonomous employers, each member company maintains full control over its own unique benefits programs.

Who is Eligible to Join CBP?

The CBP program is exclusive to organizations that have a mindset to engage, drive, and control their employee benefit plan destiny’s and to those that qualify through financial and risk reviews. Each prospective member organization is reviewed for underwriting risk by CBP’s independent actuary, and qualified companies are presented to the CBP Board of Directors for the proposed entrance. As a program that is governed and steered by its members, each organization has a Board of Directors representation and carries equal weighting to its peers. The most reputable and robust companies in the Carolinas are growing and driving this organization into the future.

Why Join CBP?

The rewards of our unique and proprietary risk structure are clear to the CBP members. We have proven to “bend the curve” on the cost trends and have positioned each of the CBP members to achieve and maintain control over corporate expenses related to employee benefits. In addition to this highly effective program for medical benefits, members also benefit from group leveraged dental, vision, life & disability, employee assistance, and even structured wellness programs. Benefits management tools are also an integral part of this program, including leading-edge online eligibility management and data analytics software.


As an employee benefits program we have great relationships with many well-known, reputable insurance companies and vendors, giving you choice through the Power of One.


Our insurance advisors have years of experience. We are prepared to educate you and serve as your advocate from benefit plan design through vendor delivery.


Our advisors have a passion for protecting what you value most. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We operate in a team environment and keep service at the heart of our culture.

At CBP, the shared vision and goal of our members is rather clear: control and drive down the cost of employee benefits year after year. We are proud to state that this program is “bending the cost curve” and that it is exceeding expectations.

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