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CBP Welcomes New Companies

By January 31, 2020June 14th, 2022No Comments

We are pleased to announce the following companies have joined CBP effective January 1, 2020: Edwards, Church, and Muse, Inc., HCI-Bulldog, LLC, Hollar and Greene Produce Company, Inc., LBM Industries, Inc., and SB Holding, LLC. You will likely see representatives at upcoming meetings, please welcome them to CBP!

About Edwards, Church, and Muse, Inc.

At ECM Solutions, they have both depth and breadth to mitigate and manage your risks. Their approach is to create high-level relationships to assess all of your risks and to assist you in achieving your goals, so you don’t have to worry about gaps in your personal, professional, or business risk map. They take a best practices approach to risk management to make your program efficient, effective, and in compliance to create some certainty in an uncertain world.

About HCI-Bulldog

The Bulldog Group is a group of independently operated companies with common ownership and common goals that are able to share extensive resources to successfully meet all of their customers’ needs. Collectively, they are licensed to work in over 10 states throughout the Southeastern United States.

About Hollar and Greene Produce Company, Inc.

Hollar and Greene Produce still collaborates with the local farmers in the Carolinas which helped them get their start. Now, Hollar and Greene Produce  ships cabbage from over 10 branch offices and 9 states using over 50 Hollar and Greene owned trailer/ tractor rigs and state of the art packing sheds.  Hollar and Greene continues to explore new opportunities to provide for their families and grow their business.

About LBM Industries, Inc.

LBM Industries in Sapphire, NC has been owned and operated by the McNeely family for over 40 years. They pride themselves on the quality of their stone and customer service. The McNeely’s strive to improve the aggregate and industrial world while serving the people of their local community through production, construction, rental, customer service, and community involvement.

About SB Holding, LLC

Saussy Burbank is a developer and new home builder in three premier markets in the Carolinas. Since 1989, the company has built more than 8,000 new homes and townhomes earning regional and national awards, including seven Best in American Living® awards. The company’s innovative approach to design combines modern, open floor plans with an architectural style that reflects the history and character of their region.


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